The Season of the Valentine

It is that time of year when we are especially focused on love.  Sorry, but I think the world is focused more on the sappy kind of love.  It is that emotionally laden version that comes through like weather.  I think obviously, that we should be practicing love every day in our coupleships.  In my book, the Marriage Ark, I make arguments for an enduring love, a growing love, sacrificial love, and a love that compels in a chapter called Love Boat 101.  At the end, I say “Love is revealed in action. Noah’s love for God and for his family was revealed by the many swings of his hammer, the planks he carried, and the careful attention to detail as he built the ark that would carry his family.”  Yes, love is an action verb.  I recently came up with a No Harm contract for couples where I spelled out things love does not do.  Love doesn’t hit or yell or name call.  Love has no aim to hurt the other.  Can we be clear about that?!  So the tendency is to look at our mate and wish they loved more or better.  But my challenge is to look inward at your own efforts at loving your mate.  Are there areas where you could love deeper, love more, love more lavishly?  A self-inventory will always get you further along the path.  So be daring enough to create your own set of questions and give yourself a grading card. And at the end, just pray.  Pray for more of God’s love to flow through you.  Pray for a bigger more spacious heart!  Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

The Season of the Valentine.png

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