Will Your Love Sustain?

I heard a joke one time about a man who loved this woman so much he wanted to “eat her up.”  And then he married her and a couple of years later, he wished he had.  Oh well.  Our feelings wax and wane.  They move through us like weather.  Personalities grate like sandpaper at times.  Our differences have us judging each other harshly.  I have a section in my book, The Marriage Ark, on “Love Endures”.  I propose in that section that if our love is sourced in God it is an enduring love. God models a love that never fails.  All you have to do is follow Him through the story of the Israelites and see their moody “love based on feelings” kind of relationship with God.  In return you will see His unchangeable, unfailing, and steadfast love.  May your mate experience your love as steadfast, out-voting your feelings and moods that wax and wane during the day.  May your love hold and endure just like the planks of that ark held together faithfully in times of great stress.  Abiding in Christ gives us the ability to show abiding love to the one we promised to love in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer.

Will Your Love Sustain.png

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